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Polymerase Chain Reaction is a test that shows the presence or absence of an RNA element of a virus in the human body (in our case, an RNA element of the SARS-Covis19 virus). This test is required for a clear diagnosis of Covid19 and is recommended by the WHO.

In addition to accuracy, this test is quite fast, and only a nasopharyngeal and oropharyngeal swab is required to collect sample material.

This testing is mandatory for crossing country borders.


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7 reasons to order the testing from us

24/7 online application. You don’t have to call anywhere, explain or confirm anything.

The nurse will arrive within 3 hours after the application registered. Fast results: 24 hours for standard procedure, 5 hours for urgent procedure

Our nurses work around the clock – you can choose the most convenient time for testing at home or your office.

All medical instruments are sterile, and the staff go on call in special protective suits. You can also undergo testing in our mobile team’s specially equipped car.

We work only with licensed medical laboratories and you can chose which of the institutions to send your biomaterial for analysis.

Save effort and time on a trip to the lab and waiting in the lab queue with potentially contagious patients.

We have all necessary permits, and our medical staff have the appropriate medical education and training, so you can count on the highest quality services.


We are a mobile laboratory

Which will collect samples for PCR analysis for COVID-19 in any place convenient for you, and will transport the samples to the accredited laboratory.


Is to reduce workloads and queues in laboratories and hospitals, thus eliminating the possibility of contact with potentially contagious patients.


Yes, we have several mobile crews that work 24/7 for your convenience.

We provide 7% discount for those paying online. There are also group discounts for applications from 3 and more people.

Packing, storage and transportation of biomaterial is carried out with observance of all regulatory requirements, excludes any changes in its stability and does not affect the accuracy and reliability of the result:

  • Packing and transportation is carried out according to the type of biomaterial (protection against direct light and moisture or at a certain temperature)
  • Control of compliance with the rules of transportation (biomaterial is transported in special thermal containers, which exclude influence or external environmental factors and protect it from shaking).

So that you can comfortably and safely undergo the PCR test for COVID-19 without having to go to a medical institution, our specialists will come to your home or office and do everything necessary to collect material on site.

Prior to the procedure, the patient must consent to the processing of personal data, provide his name and surname exactly as recorded in the Passport/ID card. Next, the nurse takes a swab from the patient’s nasopharynx with sterile brushes.

The procedure takes a few minutes and is not painful. After collection, samples are delivered to an accredited laboratory for testing.

It is not recommended to brush your teeth, rinse your mouth / throat or smoke for 3-4 hours prior to taking the samples.

  • Do not use nasal drops or rinse the nasal passages for 4-5 hours prior to the procedure.
  • Do not eat or drink for 3-4 hours prior to the testing.

To cross the border of another country you must have a document with a negative test result for Covid19. It must have a wet stamp and QR code. You can pick up the results of the test in our office or we will send them to you by courier. The test result is valid for 72 hours from the date of receipt.

All tests for COVID-19 are performed within 12-24 hours from the moment of samples delivery to the lab. The laboratory reserves the right fo further diagnose the samples that require clarification.


We provide 7% discount for those paying online. There are also group discounts for applications from 3 and more people

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